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The first step to work in the Netherlands is online registration. Just visit our website:

Then submit your application and wait for the recruitment department to contact you or go ahead and call us directly.

No. Justeuro never charges an employee. All costs are borne by the workplaces.

You are paid for your work weekly.

Yes. Unless otherwise specified. For this purpose, the employer will provide you with one of the company cars or bikes. (Depending on the distance to work)

Yes. Unless otherwise specified. Accommodation fees are taken from the employee's salary.

All employer apartments are SNF certified, which guarantees a standard of housing.

Cost of the accommodation depends on job offer and location from 70 - 107.5 € per week.

Yes. Unless otherwise specified. Couples are guaranteed accommodation together (double rooms), but we do not guarantee working together.

Not all of our offers require knowledge of foreign languages - call us and ask for such job.

You have no previous experience of working in the Netherlands and do not understand the phrase 'Collective Labor Agreement'? Don't worry, you have the right not to know! Are you curious about what this magic CAO is and why is it important to you?

A CLA (Collective Labor Agreement) is a Dutch type of agreement between employers and trade unions. It is the Collective Labor Agreement that defines the employee's rights and obligations that must be respected by both parties. For your own good, it is worth reading these records. After all, ignorance of the law does not exempt you from obeying it!

When driving on Dutch roads with our own car (registered in Poland), we are obliged to pay the road tax within 4 months from starting work in the Netherlands (4-month rule; for example: when starting work on June 1, we are obliged to pay the toll up to 30 September The amount of the fee depends on the weight of the vehicle, type of fuel, exhaust emission standards, and the type of vehicle.

The fee can be paid quarterly or annually.